Timing BIOS Re-programming

Technology Details

What is this technology?

The ISP (In System Programming) can revise the BIOS of LCD controller board directly via the while the system is still working on. There is no need to open the housing and take out the BIOS from the board physically.


How does this technology work?


Using the special software we provide, we can use VGAPort o directly revise the BIOS program to A/D Board.Here are the procedures to perform the on-board programming:


1.Connect and check the cables and the board:

  2.Before LCD connect to DC in.press the button SWI until the LCD connect to DC(12) in
  3.Double click the logo to run the ISP software 8051IspWriter.exe
  4.Step1:Select Chip-Select W78LE65
  5.Step2:Selec File0-Select the file which you need
  6.Select ConNect
  7.Step4:Select Program ALL
  8.Step5:It will appear Program OK after burn in process is complete

Technology/ Function Diagrams





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