Schedule Control (RTC)

Technology Details

What is this technology?
RTC is a system time recording feature. RTC allows the system to retrieve the stored data and power ON/OFF automatically according to pre-defined schedule.

  How does this technology work?

Through a user-friendly OSD control, user can first easily set up the system time. Then user can further set up system boot-up time and shut-down time. This feature not only can save power usage, but also doing more effective advertising.

RTC OSD menu
  • To set current hour
  • To set current minute
  • To reset current second to 0
  • To set boot hour
  • To set boot minute
  • To set standby hour
  • To set standby minute.
  • To exit this Timer Control menu
Technology/ Function Diagrams 
  • Save power
  • Carry out the most effective advertising
  • Lengthen LCD backlight lifetime
  • Indoor / Outdoor Advertising
  • Retail Store
  • Shopping Mall
  • Public Bulletins

Products use this technology

The RTC feature is now available in Media Player product by customer’s request. Please contact our sales representative for more information.





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