Optical Bonding Services
Demand Creation through Innovation!

Welcome to Winmate Bonding Laboratories!! Maybe you are quite new to Winmate, or maybe you are our old friends. We would like to share you great news: Winmate has launched a new production line, clean room, and bonding laboratories for Optical Bonding. Our vision is to build up new standards through our innovations that can create much more added-values for our customers. We welcome you to join us to share the enormous opportunity ahead of us!

Reduce Reflection, Improved Clarity, Contrast, Ruggedness

If you are not familiar with Optical Bonding, or you are not sure what this can benefit to you, please click here to know some basic ideas about our bonding:
New To Optical Bonding

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Optical Bonding Technologies

Here are the product ranges that our Optical bonding can service for you:

Panel Size Selections Size from 5.7” to 15” (above 15” made by request)
Panel Feature Selections High Brightness Panel
Ultra-Wide Viewing angel Panel
Wide screen (16:9) Panel
LED B/L Panel
Cover plate Selections

Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Glare Glass
4 wire/ 5 wire Resistive Touch

Customized Cover plate SAW Touch
PMMA Acrylic Plastic Plate
Applied to our productlines Industrial Display
Panel PC
Rugged Display/ PPC
Marine Display/ PPC
Mobile Computing Rugged Tablet PC
Digital Signage

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