Mounting Kits Design

Technology Details

What is this technology?
One of the main features of the industrial display is the diversified demand on the mounting. Those who need industrial displays come from various segments and always have their own unique requirements about how to fix the displays unto the other equipments, e.g. ATM, Rack, Machinery for Automation. That’s why there are many types of mounting kits designs needed. Our various product lines with different designs of mounting kits can fulfill both standard or non-standard system mounting solutions.

  Technology/ Function Diagrams 

We use 3D drawing software to analyze if the product mounting is right and no interference. And then we use 2D drawing to demarcate the mounting dimension and directions. The configurations below show the mounting approaches and kits we utilize:

  Features & Benefits
  • Reliable and long lifetime proof design
  • Versatile mounting design with full range from 6.4” to 42”
  • Flexible mounting design on demand
  • General industrial application
  • Space limited solution
  • Customized solution




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