Mounting Solution-IP65 (front) Panel PC

Mounting solution is a collection of different kinds of mounting methods that can help you to know how to mount your product correctly and rapidly. Mounting solution can also guide you to fine the product that really fit your needs.

Rack Mount

Step1. Put panel PC on the fixture (Wall, panel……)from the front, with the sides of the front bezel shown on the outside.

Customer's fixture Cut-out dimension and mounting hole base on drawing

Step 2.Use M4 screws to drill through the fixture into the mounting holes on the back side of IP65 front bezel.

The length of M4 screws depend on

the thickness of customer’s fixture. 

Fasten with M4 screws



  • Industrial & factory automation
  • Heavy duty vehicles
  • Outdoor Kiosk
  • Swimming and SPA pool Kiosk
  • Toilet AD display
  • Medical Equipment





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