Auto/Brightness/ Light sensor

Technology Details

What is this technology?

The lighter sensor measures the outside brightness according to different environments and sends the information to display. Display will adjust the brightness automatically.

With lighter condition (Outdoor/Sun-light) the brightness will increase; in the opposite condition, the brightness will be decreased to fit darker environment.


How does this technology work?


Light sensor detect the change of illumination outsiee, then it send the signal to MCU via Iˆ2C interface. MCU will ask inverter to switch the brightness if the outside illumination was change over the default.MCU will transmit PWM signal to the inverter, amd the inverter will change the brightness of panel.


  Now Winmate' standard light sensor design has five-steps brightness settings,Lightest, Lighter, Normal, Dark, and Darkest.
Steps Panel Specification Display Brightness
Lightest Outdoor/Sunlight 100%
Lighter Cloudy sky 75%
Normal(default) Office/meeting room 50%
Darker Bedroom 25%

Dark room without window


Each step has its own illuminate range according different environment illumination.  This technology makes the use of visual application more friendly and intelligently. 



  • Better visual effect in different environment
  • Intelligent brightness 
  • Power saving 
  • Public display
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Outdoor application: Vehicle application
Products use this technology

Winmate “light sensor” technology are now available for 8.4”, 10.4”,12.1”, 15”, 17”, and 19” LCD with specific panel option. Please contact with sales for more detail information. 






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