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> Wide Temp Range Coverage (with Heater)

Considering tough working environment, hence Winmate provide wide temperature range solution which can make computing devices function under both high and low temperature working condition.


> Backlit Keypad/Button Design&LED Light Support

Due to insufficient light situation in most of the working environment which often results in incorrect input or manual error.

Considering the problems encountered for operators/workers and to settle and improve the situation accordingly, Winmate provides keypad/buttons with backlitsupport and even LED light design on the system for operators/workers in order to minimize the impact and improve working efficiency and output smoothly and successfully.


> Rugged and Modularized Design (efficient for repair/maintenance)

Winmate provide the system which can be operated comply not only with Military Standard but also specific Transportation Protocols (example: EN50155 or IEC 61373etc)

But also Winmate provides different design concept other than solutions in the market and make the system into modularized design.

By modularized design, whenever there is any device failure situation (example: panel broken or system I/O failed), even for operators/workers can make module replacement directly and shorten the downtime drastically.


> Wide range power (6V~60V) &Power Isolation

The power system on the vehicle is always different from the power system of tablet, PDA or other computing devices.

Hence how to connect the both different power system without any problem, Wimate has provided following solutions:

Wide Range Power (6V-60V) design Winmate's system has special design in Winmate's products which can be connected to vehicle power within 6V-60V power system range.
Power Isolation Power Isolation design isolates the primary power circuitry (DC Power In) from the secondary circuit where the core circuit resides.

And this isolation design are normally only built into higher voltage equipment operatingat wider voltage DC Input than normal 12V computing device like tablet to avoid any potential risk from power surge.

By Winmate Power Isolation design, it can make the computing device with 12V power system working without any problem while connected to vehicle power.


> Screen Blanking while driving

Considering the potential risk that the running system will distract operators/workers and cause safety issues.

Hence Winmate provides screen blanking solution while driving vehicles (example truck or forklift) in order to minimize safety issues as much as possible which may be caused by distraction of operators/workers.

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