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> Tough Environment

Normally the working environment of Logistic/Supply Chain is quite complex and tough.
It is always combinations of wide range temperature, heavy duty environment, high shock/vibration resistance as well as complex IT environment.

Hence not only rugged design but also comprehensive consideration including compatibly integrated into existing IT system is required.

Also for rugged design, it needs to at least comply with Military Standard as well as other


> Wide Temperature Range support without cooling fan

Considering thetough condition, the wide temperature coverage for the computing device is mandatory.

Embedded computing solutions are required to be operated without a cooling fan under high temperature. Otherwise there will be big risk resulting in total system failure when fan failure happens.

Besides high temperature, it is necessary to make sure all the systems being functioning well under low temperature condition.

> Insufficient light environment

Often times, in warehouse or factory, the light may not be necessarily sufficient for operators or workers.

Therefore there is always high potential risks of human errors or mistakes without sufficient light.

Hence the system needs to consider how to provide supplementary design/support to improve the working condition accordingly.


> Longer repair/maintenancetime during system failure

Due to tough and fast-paced working environment, hence not only robust system design is very important, but also need to consider how to minimize device failure downtime as much as possible, such as modularized design which will make repair/maintenance easily and shorten downtime for operators/workers.


> How to make computing device's power system connected to vehicle

Considering the power system on the vehicle (example truck or forklift) is totally different from the system for tablet or other computing devices.

Hence it will be always challenges how to make these 2 different power system to connect to each other without safety concern.


> How to make sure the computing devices on the system won't distract operators/workers when vehicles are moving

Oftentimes when the computing devices on the vehicles are always on while the vehicles are running, it will always distract drivers/operators/workers easily and cause safety issues.

Hence how to implement a safety mechanism such as making device screen blanking while vehicles are moving would be mandatory and necessary.

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