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IEC 61850-3

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1. Application

IEC 61850-3 is a standard that outlines a comprehensive safety framework for substation automation, transmission & delivery (T&D) automation, and smart grid application. The standard emphasizes the EMI immunity and environmental requirements for communications networks. The product that meets the IEC 61850-3 standard provides full-range, redundant power supply which ensures the high quality of electricity transmission.

2. Standard

The equipment that meets the IEC 61850-3 requirement have the following characteristics:

Reliability Substation automation system (SAS) will keep operating when single communication component breaks down.
Availability The equipment provides system and data backup and avoids impacts from system failover.
Maintainability Well trained technicians will provide on-line and on-site maintenance service.
Safety The equipment could keep the system from potential risks and instability.
Data Integrity The system will keep the false data at certain levels to meet the I1, I2, or I3 standard.
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