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Winmate has long studied Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues on our server, panel PC, and mobile devices. We have developed our industrial automation solutions which meet customers’ requests—products that prevent electromagnetic radiation interference to, and from other facilities. We also ensure our products mitigate the influence of electromagnetic waves to human health.
Nevertheless, Winmate continues to strive for higher standards.

For the application of Substation Automation System (SAS), Winmate has successfully improve our process to gain the ability to produce products that meet IEC 61850-3 international protocol. IEC 61850-3 international protocol, is a well-structured, widely-used EMC guideline to test products’ EMC capabilities that ensures products used in substation can withstand a certain amount of EMC influence without experiencing malfunctions, communications loss, or delays.

With years of experience and our improved process, Winmate is now able to design automation system that meets the IEC 61850 standard. With our EMC solution, our server, panel PC, and mobile devices can operate smoothly without interfering other system nearby.

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