HTML Bulletin

Technology Details

What is this technology?  
HTML, an initialism of Hypertext Markup Language, is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document — by denoting certain text as headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on — and to supplement that text with interactive forms, embedded images, and other objects. The HTML Bulletin function in MSO Gold basically takes a screenshot of HTML source and converts it to graphics for player’s playback.
  How does this technology work?
  • Winmate's Network Player Gold can continuously read HTML source files from Internet(web pages) graphic files from local server, then converts it into a graphic and shows it on the display
  • No reboot is needed in HTML Bulletin file
  • Its replacing the Picture1 Zone with your Choice of Online Data
  • The re-capture time can be setup in minutes or can be only one time
  • The capture Area can also be setup
  • You can Preview your capture result directly
  • HTML format is very easy to edit and apply layout design, you can even link HTML to database and build a dynamic bulletin
  • No cumbersome operation of columns and rows setting, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET
  • HTML Bulletin is focus on applications need to show information in table format such as currency exchange rate, bus timetable, airline timetable, school bulletinetc
  • A platform suitable for ALL APPLICATIONS
  • Flight Timetable at Airport
  • Train Timetable
  • Bus Timetable
  • Currency Exchange Rate at Bank
  • School Bulletin

Applicable Products

The HTML Bulletin feature is available in all Network Player Gold and integrated display from 7” to 42”.





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