Flexible ID Mechanical Design

Technology Details

What is this technology?

Display is not only a gismo which can show something on the screen.More demands and imaginations are now imposed on it.To be ruggedized?Touchscreen to be integrated?Being able to perform some functions like PC? To implement these requests is not a dream but the question comes first is how to put all related electric components together in such a limited place.We are the expert in the field of mechanical design and provide four basic types, including panel mount, IP65 front bezel, open frame and chassis to meet all kinds of industrial applications.


Perfect Housing Integration

With advanced 3D CAD drawing software, our engineer can design, customize and check each product at the design stage together with the customers in a very flexible and speedy way.




Our outstanding technology in mechanical design can perfectly integrate a full range of panel sizes with front bezel, touchscreen, vandal proof glass, embedded board, power module and other daughter boards insides. The design rule can also follow customer’s demand including mounting solutions.

  Technology integration

Besides the outside housing and functionality, there is also a lot of know-how insides. So, we are able to integrate all other technologies and products in a modularized concept according to the requirements.

For Example:

  • Sunlight readable 12.1” Panel PC fully sealed for saltwater with GPS receiver, special connector (terminal block) for power.
  • 42” panel mountLCD monitor with protection glass and sealing against disinfection liquids and equipped with a medical power grade powersupply.
  Features & Benefits
  • Fast customized products, thanks to the modularized concept.
  • Short time to markets.
  • Choose any product and any technology you need and we create your desired product


  • Customized solutions
  • Special designs




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