Fan/Fanless Thermal Design Technology

Technology Details

What is this technology?
We use well-defined thermal analysis procedures to verify our LCD displays and Panel PC systems to meet the harsh environment applications. Especially in fanless cooling design, we develop heat-sink or heat-pipe solution to conduct the heat and the air flow for the best thermal solution. In fan cooling system, we will analyze the system thermal profiles before we design it to make sure the most efficient heat convection.


How does this technology work?


The Panel PC combines the display with industrial motherboard inside. In the idea analysis stage, we develop low power consumption motherboard (fan/ fanless) and provide dedicated thermal analysis technology by using thermal analysis software. Before production, we use Infrared thermal video system (TVS) to check if our thermal design works.



We use above Thermal Profile to select the critical monitoring points for Thermal testing. And we will also check if the measured temperatures exceed the defined specification of operating temperature for each individual component.


Arrangement of detector and image data of Infrared Thermography


Technology/ Function Diagrams





3D thermal analysis


Thermal Profile Test

Here is the methodology of how we conduct the thermal profile test on our panel pc.


A. Test Purpose:
It is to check the thermal profile of the test unit, and also test if the test unit can work under different environment temperatures condition.

B. Test Standard:
Reference IEC 68-2-2 Testing procedures
Test Bb: Dry Heat Test

C. Test Equipment:
Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
1.K.SON. INS. Tech.Corp.
2.Model: THS-E4C-100


Data Logger
2.Model: uR20000 Recorder

Test Unit: Panel PC (Assembled with Panel MountFront Bezel)


D. Test Condition:

Thermal Cycle settings: 30℃/45℃/50℃ ±3℃
1.Humidity setting:0 + 5%RH
2.AC Power: 110/220 VAC, 60/50Hz
3.Test Times: Each Temperature 2 Hours

4.Testing Software

Running Windows XP PRO with Stress software BCM Diagnostics Pro Version 2.30

Running 3DMark03 Business Edition by Futuremark Corporation, and use the second monitor to monitor the CPU Usage under Windows Task Manager.CPU loading keeps almost near at full loading (CPU Usage: 100%)


E. Performance Criteria:

Electronic function check:

1. All system functions must be checked with appropriate testing programs and should pass the inspection
2. Running Windows XP for OS, the system should not have degradation in its performance.

Mechanical function check:

1. The cover and connectors should work properly without any interference.
2. The LCD/ Panel’s function and Brightness should not be impacted or reduced after the thermal test.

F. Test Criteria/ Discussion:

We will consider below factors to make a test conclusion.

1. Check if any test points exceed the defined specification of operating temp. for each individual component.
2. Check if there is any damage in electronic functions or degradation found after testing.
3. Check if 3D Mark 03 performance number is maintained or no degradation happens after the thermal test.4. Compare the temperature numbers to see if there is any significant change on different test scenarios (different temp setting and also different running software (BCM vs. 3D Mark).



  • Fanless and low power consumption meets harsh environment applications
  • Versatile fan cooling design with thermal analysis
  • Low noise, well air flow convection with fan/fanless design
  • Industrial Automation
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Environmental & Utility Monitoring
  • Communication
Products use this technology

We provide full range fan and fanless Panel PC solutions with excellent thermal design fulfilling the harsh environment applications.





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