Embedded CPU Board + LCD Solution


Technology Details


What is this technology?
With our X86/ RISC platform embedded CPU board, there are several available panel connection alternatives you can choose depends on your application situation. All of these alternatives work through the digital interface instead of traditional analog (VGA) interface. And via the LVDS or TTL interface, the mainboard can work directly with the panel without the A/D board.The configuration includes:

(1) CPU board + DVI cable + LCD monitor with A/D board;

(2) CPU board + Panel Cable + TTL LCD panel;

(3) CPU board + Panel Cable+ LVDS LCD Panel;

(4) CPU board + Panel Cable+ LVDS-to-TTL converter board+ TTL LCD Panel


How does this technology work?

Configuration 1: (CPU board+ DVI cable+ LCD monitor with A/D board)

The digital video signals can send through DVI cable to high-resolution LCD monitor that can accept DVI input. The standard Digital Visual Interface can support either LVDS or TTL Panel through an LCD controller board (A/D board). We provide several selections for variance size of LCD monitors that can support DVI signals.

Configuration 2:
(CPU board+ Panel Cable+ TTL LCD Panel)

Our CPU board (A830,…) can support direct TTL Panel interface connection. Connected via the Panel Cable (max. length 40cm), the digital signal can send to the TTL LCD Panel to display. This solution provides the most compatible TTL Panel connection.

Configuration 3: (CPU board+ Panel Cable+ LVDS LCD Panel)

Follow the configuration 2, if the customer needs a long distance connection for the LCD Panel, this solution can extend the cable to support the LVDS interface LCD Panel (either 1 channel or 2 channel LVDS; 6bit or 8bit).For some of our CPU board (B89, S2M...), the LVDS interface is already available. For the rest CPU board, we can also add a TTL-to-LVDS converter board. Both solutions can support the high resolution and long distance Panel Solution.

Configuration 4: (CPU board+ Panel Cable+ LVDS-to-TTL converter board+ TTL LCD Panel)

For those who already have the TTL LCD and want to extend the Cable Distance, the solution is adding an LVDS-to-TTL module to convert the digital data from the configuration 3 back to TTL LCD Panel.

  • Flexible and compact embedded system solution vary from customer to customer
  • Best utilization your available TTL or LVDS panel.
  • Better image quality than traditional analog interface.
  • Industrial / Factory Automation
  • Transportation
  • Multi-Media solution

Products use this technology

Winmate “Embedded CPU Board + LCD Solution” technology are now available for Panel PC product line solutions. Please contact with sales for more detail information.




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