Winmate Videos are open for download now!!!

  1. Why do you need video?
  2. Is Video difficult to make?
  3. When did Winmate start the video project?
  4. Why can Winmate Video Team produce a new video in such a short time but still keep the improving quality?
  5. Will Winmate continue to make more videos?
  6. Can we throw other marketing materials away if we have the videos?
  7. Why does Winmate want to create a “video club” and why do we ask for the membership fee?
  8. What can Video do for you?
  9. How to download the files?
  10. What can you have if you are our dear member?

  1. Why do you need video?
    ANS: The way of communication has changed gradually since the prevalence of email. Say 20 years ago, fax was still the hot technology and a must in the office all over the world. Nowadays, sure thing you would be the target of mock when you are using “fax” to communicate. Thanks to the fast development of internet infrastructure, the usage of broadband penetrates not only the office but home now. As a result, emails are not only used to deliver “words” but also “pictures” as well. The efficiency of communication improves largely and the risk of misunderstanding reduces. Yet, nevertheless, to see is to believe, desire for more real information has not ended. The need of Video therefore acquired the awareness of the internet users in the past 2 years. The success of Youtube and its merger with Google explains the trend. Cell phones with camera and affordable DV portable equipments also support and push the rapid development. Please refer to following professional analytical tables:


  2. Is Video difficult to make?
  3. The video for personal and home use is certainly easy to make. Microsoft’s “movie maker” provides some basic functions for simple editing. However, for commercial purpose, professional software will be needed, such as Adobe After Effects, etc. 3D skills, photoshops, illustrators, and many other softwares are also used very often to make the elements and footages more attractive. Hence, a good video maker must be proficient in the operation of these functions of the software. In addition, good sense of aesthetics is essential. Video is actually a mixed Art, in which the sound, music, script, etc. are arranged in logical and skillful way so as to arouse the sympathy or to resort to a specific purpose.

  4. When did Winmate start the video project?
  5. About 1 year ago did we try to demo our real products by video. We put products on a rotatable wheel and let the products turn around. When we started to produce demo videos, one idea came to our mind: how to introduce the application, operation, features, by videos? We therefore studied over internet whether there are any of our peers doing the same thing. To our surprise, what we could find is very limited. Over 1 year later, we have had many types of videos until now. These types include 1) introduction 2) commercial 3) demo 4) application5) installation. Now, to our surprise again, our database of videos is the number 1 in this industry and all of our opponents are even far away from our scale.

  6. Why can Winmate Video Team produce a new video in such a short time but still keep the improving quality?
  7. We have a dedicated video team. They work full time and 100% for video. That’s why they can accumulate their expertise and experience very soon. The number of videos that they can make is 4 in average per month. They report to the management directly so all video topics represent the focus of a certain period for Winmate. For example, when Winmate decide to push interactive digital signage, related videos will be made soon to help the sales and marketing campaign. In short, the best way to know what Winmate plan to do is “watch new videos!!!”

  8. Will Winmate continue to make more videos?
  9. Winmate has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from videos and make successful business because of videos. Communications based on videos make our salespersons understand customers’ needs immediately. Videos even help customers know whether our products are what they desire before talking with us. Take our bus digital signage for instance, we got many sales leads because customers are interested in our videos and then we successfully convert these leads to real deals. In our company, our sales could know new products / turnkey solutions very quickly after viewing our videos so as to take prompt actions to sell. We see so many advantages and it’s very certain we will go on.

  10. Can we throw other marketing materials away if we have the videos?
  11. The answer is negative. Video is useful but it will be more powerful if you have other marketing materials to use together;e.g. catalog, DM, website, etc. Video can help you catch customers’ attention quickly but it is just the start. You still need more documents / data in written form to explain.

  12. Why does Winmate want to create a “video club” and why do we ask for the membership fee?
  13. Since we launched the videos on our website, we have been asked to provide the original files of videos because all our videos are not open for free download.
    We realize that many people share the same idea and notice that videos could be the best marketing tools. Therefore, videos in good quality are needed from
    time to time. However, to provide the download service would require a much bigger server space for high quality files in advance. It will cost much money. Furthermore, we must make sure that those who have the original files will respect our copyright. We therefore think it’s the right time to create a club, invite all our dear customers who share the same marketing concepts, to join the club. If every member can sponsor the club, we will be able to maintain the download service and explore the markets together.

  14. What can Video do for you?

    1. As your sales kits.
    2. As one part of your website.
    3. For your internal training.
    4. Embed it in your newsletter and let your topics be more understandable.
    5. Be one part of your presentation.
    6. Deliver more vivid, attractive, and convincing information to your targeted customers.
    7. More…

  15. How to download the files?
  16. Step1: Please join our video club and be our member. Membership fee is USD1000 / 1 year; USD 1500 / 2 years.
    Step2: Fill in the application form and click the “submit” button. You will receive a proforma invoice from our sales soon.
    Step3: Sign your name on the proforma invoice and send back to us, make payment, and then you will receive a confirmation mail for the
    verification of your account and password.
    Step4: Log in by your account and password and you will be guided to the membership zone.
    Step5: 2 types of original files will be available for download now. One is mpeg; this is for better resolution but with a much bigger file size.
    The other is flv; this is for website however the resolution is not that good.

  17. What can you have if you are our dear member?

  18. Download all our files freely.Small customization in the video is available: Extra charges as follows:
    A. For platform videos, we can put your logo and contact details in the video. Expense: US$ 50/ per video
    B. For product videos ( the real demo on the rotation wheel,) your logo and contact details can be put in the video too. Expense: US$ 20/ per video
    C. For other customization possibilities, please check with our sales in advance.

    Have the first priority to have our discounted marketing materials, like catalog, etc.