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In 1996, Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH was established as a 100 percent subsidiary of Novomatic AG, emerging from a consolidation of the research and development departments, the various production divisions, the international distribution organisations and the marketing department of the former Novomatic Industries GmbH.

Dolby Laboratories is a recognized innovation in audio entertainment Established by Dolby,the company first developed noise reduction system to improve recorded sound quality.Now,the name Dolby is synonymous with quality audio through the world.

Incorporated in 1981,offering the industry's widest array of flat panel computers and monitors in a variety of enclosures, including hazardous area and NEMA 4, or as our signature OEM open frame units.

Founded in 1971, Elo TouchSystems pioneered touchscreen technology, helping to create a simplified interface between computers and people.

Microsoft is dedicated to delivering the best set of embedded technology, end-to-end development tools, support, and resources, so you can build reliable, powerful, and intelligent embedded devices for your customers.


Windows Embedded operating systems are designed to do more than help you build a better embedded device—we also offer a model of shared success. Free evaluation software lets you develop your OS image with no upfront investment. You pay for tools and runtime licenses only when you ship your device.

Formed in 1847, the company Telegraphenbauanstalt von Siemens & Halske grew within the space of a few decades from a small precision-engineering workshop,producing mechanical warning bells for railways, wire insulation made of guttapercha,and electrical telegraph systems, into one of the world's largest companies in electrical engineering and electronics. Landmark inventions, an immense readiness to innovate,
and a strong international commitment have driven the company's success since its very beginnings.

Formed in 1967, the group has become a leading flat-panel displays and printer specialist in the UK. Its reputation has been earned through successfully managing customer projects, through signing key franchises and by investing in skilled people.

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WECA mission is to certify interoperability of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) products and to promote Wi-Fi as the global wireless LAN standard across all market segments.

The Bluetooth SIG is dedicated to driving the development of a low-cost, short-range wireless specification for connecting mobile products.

HiperLAN2 deployment is a superior wireless connectivity technology which can accommodate current and future evolving wireless network requirements.





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