UHD LCD Solutions

  Now a day there are more and more LCD display been applied in industrial area. But for some special application the original LCD display can't follow up to new display technology. Especially the area which really care about image's quality, such as signage, military and control center monitor.
Finally the new generation LCD display comes out followed by Ultra High Resolution solution, maximum UHD, provides truly high image quality and keep the image detail for your important data, video and picture. Here we will introduce the difference between UHD and Full HD.


  Ultra High Definition (UHD) is also been called 4K/2K resolution. It's 3840 x 2160 resolution which is 4 times from Full HD. And the total pixels are 8 mega pixels in comparison with Full HD which only has 2 mega pixels. In short, UHD can offer better image's quality and keep the image details.
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  UHD is showing highest resolution and can give us:
a) Viewing angle becomes large.
b) Shorten the viewing distance.

Resolutions in comparison

  Winmate UHD 2160p display ensures the best image quality, highest resolution and optimal contrast.

High Resolution Interface

  In order to support high resolution image, it have to use correct interface. Here are several conditions for each interface.
1.D-SUB: The max resolution for D-SUB is Full HD.
2.DVI: Only use Dual-Channel DVI cable can support UHD at 30Hz.
3.HDMI: Only use HDMI 1.4 compatible device and cable can support UHD at 30Hz.
4.Display Port: Based on DP 1.2 compatible device and cable can fully support UHD at 60Hz.

UHD Application

  Winmate have been leading in the creation of these solutions. So our product can fit with these applications such as:
‧Signage ‧Control Center Monitor
‧Military and Marine  
‧Graphic Designer  
‧Architecture engineer  




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