C350 Accessories


Universal USB Adapter
Winmate Part Number:
922Z005W05V1 USA
922Z005W05V4 EU
922Z005W05V2 UK
922Z005W05V3 AUS

  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: 5V-1A
Micro USB Cable
Winmate Part Number:9487049050K0

This USB cable provides superior communication and charging for the device.
Touch Stylus
Winmate Part Number:9B0000000329

  • For Resistive Touch
  • 75mm~105mm
  • Penpoint ø2mm, Body ø4mm
Micro SD Card
Winmate Part Number:76G004300000

4G Micro SD Card


Micro USB Host Cable (OTG Cable)
Winmate Part Number:9480058040K0

This USB Host cable provides OTG (On-the-Go) function acting as a host allowing a USB flash drive to be attached.
Hand Strap
Winmate Part Number:9B0000000330

Hand strap to firmly grasp the device with hand
Standard Spare battery
Winmate Part Number:320403704002

3.7V, 2600mAh
Vehicle Adapter
Winmate Part Number:9260005W05V0

  • Input: 5V DC cigarette lighter socket
  • USB car charger
Micro SD Card
The Micro SD Card allows users adjusting storage for different requirement. The capacity size is from 8G~32G.
Vehicle mounting kit
Winmate Part Number:9B0000000316

The vehicle mounting kit can fix C350 on vehicle.
Mobile Printer
Mobile Printer

Winmate Part Number:9B000000007B

  • Model Name: MX20
  • Print width: 1.89-inch(48mm)
  • Drop & Fit label installation design
  • IP54 water / dust resistant and 1.5M shock resistant
  • Supports both wire (RS232 and USB ports)
  • Long standby time up to 72 hours or 300 label cycles between charges
Mobile Printer

Winmate Part Number:9B000000007A

  • Model Name: MX30
  • Print width: 2.8-inch(72mm)
  • Supports multiple label width & types
  • Drop & Fit label installation design
  • Water and dust resistant meeting IP54 standard
  • Versatile interfaces with both wire (RS232 and USB) & wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity
Soft Case Holster
Winmate Part Number:9B0000000323

  • Holster for C350 series with flap
  • Color : light blue
Desk Dock
Winmate Part Number:98K000A0001L

Input: 12V/36W DC in
Single slot desktop docking and spare battery charger.