Intel® Celeron N2930 Rugged PC (Bay Trail)
Intel® Celeron N2930 Rugged PC (Bay Trail)G-Win next-gen "Bay Trail" platform is using 22nm process technology and represents the first major advance in Atom microprocessor architecture. This Bay Trail processor supports DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.0 (and OpenGL ES 3.0 on mobile, provided the drivers support it), and OpenCL 1.2 on the API side, and full 1080p video on HDMI.

Intel® Core™ i5 Rugged Panel PC(Kaby Lake)
Intel® Core™ i5 Rugged Panel PC(Kaby Lake)Winmate G-Win provides Intel’s ultra-low voltage lineup of mobile processors. It is a dual/quad-thread design based on Intel’s 22nm processing technology. This NEW G-Win series covers the full IP67-Sealed and front IP65, so our G-Win rugged Series can offers All-in-One solutions for some of the most demanding users in some of the most demanding environments.




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