The latest technologies make Human-Machine Interactions more versatile. Winmate come up with slim, smart, and interactive S-series HMI to satisfy the growing demand for automation. By connecting to centralized database the HMI can provide real-time updates for booking status and schedule, or be a synchronous display in meetings. It is suitable for building automation, room management systems, industrial machine control, self-service systems, and R&D labs.

The new multi-touch HMI series supports the latest PoE standard IEEE 802.3at 25W power input, making this an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies, reduce expensive cabling costs and power consumption.

S-series HMI provide visible benefits for process automation. Integrated wireless communication technologies allow real-time communication between many connected units. Panel PC, displays and many HMI can be controlled at the same time and work as united system. Running either on Freescale or Bay Trial processors S-series HMI support application software integration that can bring process visualization to the new level.

S Series HMI