IP67 防水防尘平板电脑

Winmate a global leader in the industrial panel pc technologies and solution offers Full IP67 Panel Computers to withstand harsh and severe environments. Winmate housing has anti-corrosion protection and carries an IP67 sealing rating that is completely protected against dust and water from all direction.     

IP67 Panel PC - Stainless Housing
IP67 Panel PC - Stainless Housing Winmate 10.4"/15"/19" IP67 Panel PC Stainless is designed to meet IP67/NEMA 6 with dust/water resistant protection and anti-corrosion features, the PPC could fulfill even the highest demands of all-day field use and fit into a wide variety of applications, such as: avionics, military, marine, etc
19” G-Win IP67 - Aluminum
19” G-Win  IP67 - Aluminum  Winmate 19” G-Win provides Intel’s ultra-low voltage lineup of mobile processors. It is a dual/quad-thread design based on Intel’s 22nm processing technology. This NEW 19” G-Win series covers the full IP67-Sealesd and front IP65, so our G-Win rugged Series can offers All-in-One solutions for some of the most demanding users in some of the most demanding environments.