Rugged IP67 Solution

京融程开发出全IP67系列平板电脑,具有英特尔处理器和铝合金外壳设计, 其强大的防水(IP67/ NEMA6),可承受全天现场使用,及防止冲击和振动。       

IP67 防水防尘系列产品
IP67 防水防尘系列产品 京融程开发出全IP67系列平板电脑,具有英特尔处理器和铝合金外壳设计, 其强大的防水(IP67/ NEMA6),可承受全天现场使用,及防止冲击和振动。        
IP67 防水防尘平板电脑
IP67 防水防尘平板电脑 Winmate a global leader in the industrial panel pc technologies and solution offers Full IP67 Panel Computers to withstand harsh and severe environments. Winmate housing has anti-corrosion protection and carries an IP67 sealing rating that is completely protected against dust and water from all direction.