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Now, Winmate provides the most professional Fanless Solutions by all kinds of Winmate’s Single Board Computers. It will be affordable to integrate the most stable industrial computing and meet various harsh environment capability .
More information please refer “Fanless Solutions Website Page.”
Winmate provide the flexible and customize of OS choice for driving our Panel PC or any Embedded Computing. Windows XP, XP Embedded, and Linux, Winmate successfully integrate with touch screen and multi-function combination in our products. Click the link to document download support.
installation guide OS Supporting list Linux porting guide Linux with touch porting guide BSP Driver

What will you define a Panel PC?  You can find thousands of explanations over internet but still get more confused.  Now, keep your eyes on this page and use your mouse to click the following icons in the diagram. And then, you will know the real meaning of Panel PC.  We not only define it, but also make it to implement your needs.  See what you can find here and we believe you will never go elsewhere for Panel PC!!!”





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