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What is this technology?

Under some specific user conditions, it will require that the monitor can be adjusted to lower brightness level than normal. The “Hyper Dimming” technology provides the wider brightness adjustment level combined with excellent appearance to meet the dim-to-black requirement. The high sensitivity of fully adjustable backlight control makes the product ideal for day and night environment.



How does this technology work?

The “Hyper Dimming” technology applies the new “PWM” method that can expand dimming range than previous “Analog” methods. The traditional methods for dimming CCFL are either to adjust the lamp current, or regulate the average current feeding the CCFL inverter. This dimming method has been referred to as “analog dimming.” This manner provides the highest efficiency circuits but either limits dimming range or violates lamp specifications to achieve wide dimming ratios.

The “Pulse Width Modulation” (PWM) technology is used to overcome this problem; hence expanding the dimming range. We simply pulse the backlight at the full rated lamp current, and modulate intensity by varying the percent of time that the lamp is operating at the full rated current. PWM dimming can significantly extend the dimming range capabilities. PWM control of multiple lamps eliminates the typical problem of one lamp extinguishing prior to others at low intensities. Lamp layout and parasitics are no longer limitation on the display dimming capabilities.

With the user-friendly VR knob, users have true dim-to-black which allows for night vision operation. Combining with the high quality TFT LCD panel with a smoothly dimmable backlight offer a crisp and excellent contrast images fulfill most of the marine requirement.

Technology/ Function Diagrams

PWM controls the duty cycle from 0V to 5V (or 0V to 3.3V) for dimming ratio.
  • Dimming range (Duty cycle: 0%~100%) provides the widest brightness control ratio.
  • User-friendly dim-to-black VR knob adjustment for ease of operation.
  • Integration of other display technology such as sunlight readable or anti-glare coating ensures the great readability for daytime and night time application.


  • Industrial / Outdoor Use
  • Navigation / Ship Automation
  • Aero Space Application
  • Military Application

Products use this technology

Winmate“Hyper dimming” technology are now available for 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15”, 17”, and 19” LCD with specific panel option. Please contact with sales for more detail information.





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