3G/3.5G Integration

Technology Details

What is this technology?
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3G/3.5G Downlink Speed Comparison Table


How does this technology work?


All series of Winmate Network Player support the use of 3G and 3.5G Router for mobile communication.
With this step, the Winmate Digital Signage goes to totally Mobile for Applications like: Taxi Advertising, Public Bus, Train, and Kiosks.
The high speed of 3G and 3.5 G makes this technology become very important and reliable to transfer the content to the local Player. This will give you the freedom to choose any 3G Router and any Modem card, which your CSP (Cellular Service Provider) maybe bundle with a contract and SIM card.

  3G Support of:

  • GPRS
  • CDMA
  • EDVO
  • EDGE
  • UMTS
With the help of 3G/3.5G communication, the Network Player can do much more than you can imagine. Applications such as station information display in a moving bus and advertising in a taxi, the Network Player makes your advertising everywhere around the world.
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Train
  • Subway

Applicable Products

The 3G/3.5G feature can be implemented in all Network Player Gold products and integrated display from 7” to 42”.





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