WinMate Option Slot Series provide lots of flexibility for those display users who pursue more convenience in signage applications. Option Slot is a PC module that can be easily inserted into display. With Option Slot inside, display can be upgraded with signage function.


In addition, the design of Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) set by Intel enhances applications of option slot. The OPS provides a standard for digital signage devices and pluggable PC modules. By using the OPS architecture, whether PC or display providers can be more flexible in partner selection without being limited by different specifications.



WinMate has released two series of products relevant to Option Slot. The first one is NEC Option Slot that is competence with NEC display. This series divides into two product lines. NEC Slot-1 includes 4 models while NEC Slot-2 that can satisfy OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) standard.




Slot Type WinMate Model CPU Main Chip

Slot-2/ OPS


Core i5  520E  2.40GHz
Core i3  330E  2.13GHz

QM57 (Capella)

Slot-2/ OPS


Core i5-2515E  2.50GHz
Core i3-2310E  2.10GHz

QM67 (Sandy Bridge)

Slot-2/ OPS


Atom D2550  1.86GHz

NM10 (Cedar Trail)



The other series is OPS Signage Panel PC that combine display and option slot. The available size includes 21.5", 24", 42" and 55". For further product information, please see “OPS Signage PPC” page.




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