Client Billing Log

Technology Details

What is this technology?
The management software gets the client playing report from the internal storage of the client. There are three log files for analysis.

  1. ClientBaseInfo: Contains file name and total playback time based on each client.
  2. FileBaseInfo: Contains client name and total playback time based on each file.
  3. XXX.XLS: Can be imported to EXCEL for statistics.



How does this technology work?

Record playlist in the internal storage of client, information including media filename, start time/end time of playback, date of playback, and client name.


The playing log file is a very valuable proof to show to customers that the Network Player units really do the advertising media in where and when.

  • Shopping Mall
  • Chain Store
  • Train Station
  • OfficeBuilding

Applicable Products

The Client Billing Log feature is implemented in all Network Player Gold products and integrated display from 7” to 42”.





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