Anti-Reflection & Anti-Glare Protection Glass Coating Technology

Technology Details

What is this technology?

We provide two different choices of optical enhancement solutions that include anti-reflective coated and/or anti-glare protection glass. These technologies can be widely used in outdoor and indoor environment by enhancing optical performance of displays.


How does this technology work?


The anti-reflective coatings on the protection glass have excellent performance in tough ambient light conditions. With the normal glass, the strong reflection of the ambient light diminishes visibility and causes problems for viewer. Our special anti-reflective coated protection glass can increase contrast by enhancing light transmission rate over 95% (light reflectance rate less than 5%) and can effectively diminish the mirror images. The multi-layer vapor deposition coating either on one side or two sides of glass is designed to minimize reflectance and maximize transmittance.

Another solution, with an anti-glare (AG) coated protection glass, a microscopically rough surface laminated onto the topmost of display can diffuse glare. The chemically etched glass that has a slightly textured finish can reduce reflection by scattering light directed on its surface. It can soften the image of direct light sources visible in the reflection of the viewing area.

Technology/ Function Diagrams




  • Anti-reflective coated protection glass can reduce reflection and maximize transmittance
  • Anti-glare coated protection glass can scatter light directed on the surface and soften the image of direct light sources visible in the reflection of the viewing area
  • Exhibition Signage
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Public Information POS
  • Transportation
Products use this technology

These coating glass solutions we provided are now available for full range displays from 6.4” to 37” by customized request.





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